Creates a new custom cache region (if no cache region exists).

cacheRegionNew(region,[properties],[throwOnError]); → returns void

Argument Reference for the cacheRegionNew function


Required: Yes
Name of the new cache region to be created.


Required: No
Struct that contains the cache region properties.


Required: No
A Boolean value specifying if to throw an exception if the cache region name you specify already exists. The default value is true.



DEPRECATED since version 5

Examples sample code invoking the cacheRegionNew function

Tag Syntax

Defining properties for the struct

<cfset defaultCacheProps = structNew()> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.CLEARONFLUSH = 'true'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.DISKEXPIRYTHREADINTERVALSECONDS = '3600'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.DISKPERSISTENT = 'false'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.DISKSPOOLBUFFERSIZEMB = '30'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.ETERNAL = 'false'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.MAXELEMENTSINMEMORY = '5'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.MAXELEMENTSONDISK = '10'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.MEMORYEVICTIONPOLICY = 'LRU'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.OBJECTTYPE = 'OBJECT'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.OVERFLOWTODISK = 'true'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.TIMETOLIVESECONDS = '5'> 
 <cfset defaultCacheProps.TIMETOIDLESECONDS = '30'> 
 <cfset cacheRegionNew('testregion',#defaultCacheProps#,false)> 
 <!--- Defining a struct object ---> 
 <cfset obj1 = structNew()> 
 <cfset = 'xyz'> 
 <cfset timeToLive = createTimespan(0,0,5,0)> 
 <cfset timeToIdle = createTimespan(0,0,10,0)> 
 <!--- Putting Cache in the USD specific cache ---> 
 <cfoutput>Starting to write to cache.</cfoutput> 
 <cfset cachePut('obj1',obj1,timetoLive,timeToIdle,'testregion')> 
 <cfoutput>Trying to fetch cached item...</cfoutput> 
 <cfset obj = cacheGet('obj1','testregion')> 

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