Lets you retrieve information about a data source, including details about the database, tables, queries, procedures, foreign keys, indexes, and version information about the database, driver, and JDBC

 <cfdbinfo type="Columns" name="">

 cfdbinfo(type="Columns", name="");

Attribute Reference for the cfdbinfo tag


Required: Yes
Default: Tables
Type of information to get:

* dbnames: database name and type
* tables: name, type, and remarks
* columns: name, SQL data type, size, decimal precision, default value, maximum length in bytes of a character or integer data type column, whether nulls are allowed, ordinal position, remarks, whether the column is a primary key, whether the column is a foreign key, the table that the foreign key refers to, the key name the foreign key refers to
* version: database product name and version, driver name and version, JDBC major and minor version
* procedures: name, type, and remarks
* foreignkeys: foreign key name and table, primary key name, delete and update rules
* index: name, column on which the index is applied, ordinal position, cardinality, whether the row represents a table statistic or an index, number of pages used by the table or index, whether the index values are unique Values:
  • Columns
  • DBNames
  • Tables
  • Foreignkeys
  • Index
  • Procedures
  • Version


Required: No
Datasource to use to connect to the database.


Required: Yes
Name to use to refer to the result.


Required: No
Name of the database.


Required: No
User name to connect to the database.


Required: No
Password to connect to the database.


Required: No
Used only if type = "tables" ,type = "columns" , or type = "procedures"
. Specifies a filter to retrieve information about specific tables, columns, or stored procedures. Use an underline (_) to represent a single wildcard character and a percent sign (%) to represent a wildcard of zero or more characters.


Required: No
Name of the table from which you retrieve information.

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