Opens or closes a persistent connection to an Microsoft Exchange server.
You must have a persistent or temporary connection to use the cfexchangecalendar,
cfexchangecontact, cfexchangemail, and cfexchangetask tags to get or change
information on the Exchange server.

 <cfexchangeconnection action="open" connection="" server="" username="">

 cfexchangeconnection(action="open", connection="", server="", username="");

This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion. Not supported on Lucee, OpenBD, etc.

Attribute Reference for the cfexchangeconnection tag


Required: Yes
The action to take. Must be open or close. (required) Values:
  • open
  • close
  • getsubfolders


Required: Yes
The name of the connection. You specify this ID when you close the connection
and in tags such as cfexchangemail. (required)


Required: No
The ID of the Exchange mailbox to use.
Specify this attribute to access a mailbox whose owner has delegated access
rights to the account specified in the username attribute. (optional)


Required: No
(open) The users password for accessing the Exchange server. (optional)


Required: No
The port on the server connect to, most commonly port 80. (optional)


Required: No
The protocol to use for the connection. Valid values are http and https. (optional) Values:
  • http
  • https


Required: No
The URL or IP address of the proxy host required for access to the network. (optional)


Required: No
The port on the proxy server to connect to, most commonly port 80. (optional)


Required: Yes
The IP address or URL of the server that is providing access to Exchange. (required)


Required: Yes
The Exchange user ID (required)


Required: No
The forward slash (/) delimited path from the root of the mailbox to the folder for which to get subfolders.


Required: No
Default: NO
* true: get information on the immediate subfolders of the specified folder only.
* false: get information on all levels of subfolders of the specified folder. Values:
  • NO
  • YES


Required: No
The name of the ColdFusion query variable that contains information about the subfolders.


Required: No
The language of the Exchange server. Default is English.


Required: No
A Boolean value that specifies whether to display a login form and use form based authentication when making the connection.

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