You can use the cfimport tag to import either of the following:

* All CFML pages in a directory, as a tag custom tag
* A Java Server Page (JSP) tag library. A JSP tag library is a
packaged set of tag handlers that conform to the JSP 1.1 tag
extension API.


Attribute Reference for the cfimport tag


Required: No
Tag library URI. The path must be relative to the web root
(and start with /), the current page location, or a
directory specified in the Administrator CFML
mappings page.

A directory in which custom CFML tags are stored. In
this case, all the cfm pages in this directory are treated
as custom tags in a tag library.
A path to a JAR in a web-application; for example,
A path to a tag library descriptor; for example,
Note: You must put JSP custom tag libraries in the
/WEB-IN/lib directory. This limitation does not apply to
CFML pages.


Required: No
Prefix by which to access the imported custom CFML tags JSP

If you import a CFML custom tag directory and specify an
empty value, "", for this attribute, you can call the
custom tags without using a prefix. You must specify and
use a prefix for a JSP tag library.


Required: No
path of CFC to be imported

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