Creates a region of its container (such as the browser
window or a cflayoutarea tag) with a specific layout
behavior: a bordered area, a horizontal or vertically
arranged box, or a tabbed navigator.

 <cflayout type="accordion">


This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion. Not supported on Lucee, OpenBD, etc.

Attribute Reference for the cflayout tag


Required: Yes
Default: border
The type of layout. Values:
  • accordion
  • border
  • hbox
  • tab
  • vbox


Required: No
Default: center
Specifies the default alignment of the content of
child layout areas. Each cflayoutarea tag can specify
an alignment attribute to override this value. Values:
  • center
  • justify
  • left
  • right


Required: No
The name of the layout region. Must be unique
on a page.


Required: No
Applies only to hbox and vbox layouts.
You can use any valid CSS length or percent format,
such as 10, 10% 10px, or 10em, for this attribute.
The padding is included in the child layout area
and takes the style of the layout area.


Required: No
A CSS style specification that defines layout styles.


Required: No
A CSS style specification that defines layout stApplies only to tab type layouts. Specifies the
height of the content area of all child layout
areas. You can override this setting by
specifying a hight setting in a individual
cflayoutarea tag style attributes.


Required: No
Default: top
Applies only to tab type layouts. Specifies the
location of the tabs relative to the tab region
contents. Values:
  • top
  • bottom


Required: No
Default: YES
Specify whether title bar should act as collapse/expand toggle or not; default=true.


Required: No
Default: NO
Specify whether active tab needs to be on top always; default=false.


Required: No
Default: YES
True to adjust the active item's height to fill the available space in the container; default=true.


Required: No
Default: YES
A Boolean value that specifies whether the border layout should occupy 100% of the width and height of the window


Required: No


Required: No


Required: No

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