Defines an entry in a menu, including an item that is the head of a submenu.



This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion. Not supported on Lucee, OpenBD, etc.

Attribute Reference for the cfmenuitem tag


Required: No
The text to show as the menu item label.


Required: No
A CSS style specification that applies to all child
menu items, including the children of submenus.


Required: No
This attribute specifies that the item is a divider. If
you specify this attribute, you cannot specify any
other attributes.


Required: No
A URL link to activate or JavaScript function to
call when the user clicks the menu item.


Required: No
URL of an image to display at the left side of the
menu item. The file type can be any format the
browser can display.
For most displays, you should use 15x15 pixel
images, because larger images conflict with the
menu item text


Required: No
A CSS style specification that controls the overall
style of any submenu of this menu item. This
attribute controls the submenu of the current menu
item, but not to any child submenus of the submenu.


Required: No
The name of the menu item.


Required: No
A CSS style specification that applies to the current
menu item only. It is not overridden by the
childStyle attribute.


Required: No
The target in which to display the contents
returned by the href attribute. The attribute can be
a browser window or frame name, an HTML target
value, such as _self.

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