Passes input parameters to a ColdFusion Report Builder
report definition. Allowed inside cfreport tag bodies only.



This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion. Not supported on Lucee, OpenBD, etc.

Attribute Reference for the cfreportparam tag


Required: No
Variable name for data that is passed. The ColdFusion
Report Builder report definition must include an input
parameter that matches this name.


Required: No
Value of the data that is sent.


Required: No
Name of the chart contained in a report or subreport. The value of this attribute must match Name property of a chart defined in the Report Builder report.


Required: No
Query value to pass to a subreport or chart. The ColdFusion query must contain at least all of the columns included in the Report Builder query.


Required: No
Ordinal number of a chart series to use for the query. This attribute is valid only when the chart attribute is specified.


Required: No
Style in CSS format for a subreport.


Required: No
Name of the subreport.

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