Instructs the database management system to treat multiple
database operations as a single transaction. Provides database
commit and rollback processing.


 transaction { }

Attribute Reference for the cftransaction tag


Required: No
Default: begin

  • begin: the start of the block of code to execute

  • commit: commits a pending transaction

  • rollback: rolls back a pending transaction

  • begin
  • commit
  • rollback
  • setsavepoint


Required: No
ODBC lock type. Values:
  • read_uncommitted
  • read_committed
  • repeatable_read
  • serializable


Required: No
The name of the savepoint in the transaction.


Required: No
specifies whether transaction is nested or not

Examples sample code using the cftransaction tag

Script Syntax

transaction { 
 try { 
 // code to run 
 transaction action="commit"; 
 catch(any e) { 
  transaction action="rollback"; 

Tag Syntax

 <!--- code to run ---> 
   <cftransaction action="commit" /> 
 <cfcatch type="any"> 
 <cftransaction action="rollback" /> 

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