Copies the contents of a directory to a destination directory

directoryCopy(source, destination [, recurse][, filter][, createPath]) → returns void

Argument Reference for the directoryCopy function


Required: Yes
Pathname of directory from which you copy content.


Required: Yes
Path of the destination directory. If not an absolute path, it is relative to the source directory.


Required: No
Default: false
If true, copies the subdirectories, otherwise only the files in the source directory.


Required: No
Filter to be used to filter the data copied: - A string that uses "*" as a wildcard, for example, "*.cfm" - a UDF (User defined Function) using the following pattern "functioname(String path):boolean", the function is run for every single file, if the function returns true, then the file is will be added to the list otherwise it will be omitted.


Required: No
Default: true
Lucee 4.5+ If set to false, expects all parent directories to exist. If set to true, it will generate necessary directories.

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