Reads two source ColdFusion images and overlays the second source image on the first source image.

imageOverlay(source1, source2 [, rule, alpha]) → returns void

Member Function Syntax

someImage.overlay(source2 [, rule, alpha])

Argument Reference for the imageOverlay function


Required: Yes
The image that is the bottom layer in the image.


Required: Yes
The image that is the top layer (overlaid on the source1 image) in the image.


Required: No
CF 10+ Compositing Rule Values:
  • SRC
  • DST_IN
  • SRC_IN


Required: No
CF 10+ The percentage value of transparency

Examples sample code invoking the imageOverlay function

Tag Syntax

This example shows how to overlay a smaller image on a larger image.

<!--- Create a ColdFusion image from an existing JPEG file and enlarge it by 150%. This image is displayed in the background. --->
<cfimage source="../cfdocs/images/artgallery/maxwell01.jpg" name="myImage" action="resize" width="150%" height="150%">
 <!--- Turn on antialiasing to improve image quality. --->
<cfset imageSetAntialiasing(myImage,"on")>
<!--- Create a ColdFusion image from an existing JPEG file. This image is overlaid on the background image. --->
<cfimage source="../cfdocs/images/artgallery/viata05.jpg" name="topImage">
<!--- Overlay the top image on the background image. --->
<cfset imageOverlay(myImage,topImage)>
<!--- Display the combined image in a browser. --->
<cfimage source="#myImage#" action="writeToBrowser"> 

Using overlay member function

CF 11+ Lucee 4.5+ Overlay one image on the other

imgObj = imageNew("",152,152,"rgb","149c82");
topImg = imageNew("",50,50,"rgb","ffffff");
cfimage(action="writeToBrowser", source=imgObj);

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