Switches antialiasing on or off in rendered graphics.

imageSetAntialiasing(name [, antialias]) → returns void

Member Function Syntax


Argument Reference for the imageSetAntialiasing function


Required: Yes
The ColdFusion image on which this operation is performed.


Required: No
Default: on
Antialiasing switch Values:
  • on
  • off

Examples sample code invoking the imageSetAntialiasing function

Tag Syntax

This example shows how to turn off antialiasing for a ColdFusion image.

<<!--- Create a ColdFusion image from an existing JPEG file. ---> 
 <cfset myImage=imageNew("../cfdocs/images/artgallery/elecia02.jpg")> 
 <!--- Turn off antialiasing.---> 
 <cfset imageSetAntialiasing(myImage,"off")> 
 <!--- Display the modified image in a browser. ---> 
 <cfimage source="#myImage#" action="writeToBrowser"> 

Using setAntialiasing member function

CF 11+ Switch the antialiasing off

imgObj = imageRead("");
cfimage(action="writeToBrowser", source=imgObj);

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