Removes the query with the details you provide from query cache.

removeCachedQuery(SQL_, datasource, params, region___);

This function requires Adobe ColdFusion. Not supported on Lucee, OpenBD, etc.

Argument Reference for the removeCachedQuery function


Required: Yes
The Query SQL.


Required: Yes
The datasource you ran the query on..


Required: No
Array of parameter values passed to SQL.


Required: No
Specifies the cache region where you can place the cache object.

Examples sample code invoking the removeCachedQuery function

Tag Syntax

the in-memory file system memory set in cfadmin and should return that.

<cfset sql = 'SELECT * from art where artid = ?'> 
 <cfquery name='q' datasource='cfartgallery' cachedwithin='#createTimespan(0, 6, 0, 0)#'> 
 SELECT * from art where artid = <cfqueryPARAM value = '1' CFSQLType = 'CF_SQL_INTEGER'> 
 <cfset a = arrayNew(1)> 
 <cfset a[1] = 1> 
 <cfset removeCachedQuery(sql,'cfartgallery', a)> 

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