Adds a SOAP header to a web service request before making the request.

addSOAPRequestHeader(webservice, namespace, name, value, mustUnderstand) → returns boolean

Argument Reference

webservice string

A webservice object as returned from the cfobject tag
or the createobject function

namespace string

Namespace for the SOAP header

name string

Name of SOAP header

value string

the value for the SOAP header; this can be a CFML XML value.

mustUnderstand boolean
Default: false

The mustUnderstand attribute indicates whether processing of the header is optional or mandatory.
This basically translates to the node trying to find an appropriate handler that matches the header
and proceed with processing the message in a manner consistent with its specification. If it can't find an appropriate handler
it must return an error and stop further processing. If mustUnderstand is set to true
the node is not allowed to ignore it.

Sample code invoking the addSOAPRequestHeader function

/ws = createObject("webservice", "http://localhost/soapheaders/headerservice.cfc?WSDL");
addSOAPRequestHeader(ws, "http://mynamespace/", "username", "tom", false);

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