For Loops in CFML / CFScript

There are several different types of for loops. For more info please see the docs for cfloop.

Basic for loop

The following for loop has been supported since the initial version of cfscript.

array = [3,2,1];

for (i=1; i <= arrayLen(array);i=i+1) {

The above would output 321

For In Loop (over a structure)

struct = {a=1,b=2};
for (key in struct) {

The above outputs AB

For In Loop (over an array) CF 9.0.1+

cars = ["Ford","Dodge"];
for (car in cars) {

The above example would output FordDodge

For in support for native java arrays was added in CF 10+

For In Loop (over a query) CF 10+

for (row in query) {

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