Scopes are regions of a program or application in which a variable exists. Variables with the same name in different scopes are different variables.

Variables Scope

see Variables Scope

CGI Scope

see CGI Scope

Application Scope

see Application Scope

Form Scope

If you submitted a HTML form to the server, all named form fields will available in form scope. Let's say we have

<input type="text" name="username" />

then you can access it via

<cfset username = Form.username>

URL Scope

Every URL param can be accessed via the URL Scope like this:


According to this URL given output could be the following:

    You're looking at #URL.view#'s page #URL.page# in #URL.mode# mode
    <cfif structKeyExists(URL,'start')>
        Start with letter: #URL.start#

Server Scope

See Server Scope

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