Extracts a sub array from an existing array.

arrayMid(array, start [, count]) → returns array

Member Function Syntax

array.mid(start [, count])

This function requires Lucee.  Not supported on Adobe ColdFusion, etc.

Argument Reference

array array

Array to extract data from

start numeric

The position of the first element to retrieve

count numeric

The number of elements to extract. If not set, all elements up to the end of the array will be returned.

Sample code invoking the arrayMid function

Lucee 4.5+ Extract elements from an array staring with element 5 and ending with the last element of the array.

vehicles = ['Mustang','Nova','Celica','Camry','Tacoma','Tundra','Ram','F-250'];
trucks = arrayMid(vehicles, 5);

Expected Result: Tacoma,Tundra,Ram,F-250

Lucee 4.5+ Extract 4 elements from an array staring with element 3.

vehicles = ['Mustang','Nova','Celica','Camry','Tacoma','Tundra','Ram','F-250'];
toyotas = arrayMid(vehicles, 3, 4);

Expected Result: Celica,Camry,Tacoma,Tundra

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