Iterates over every entry of the array and calls the closure to work on the elements of the array. This function will reduce the array to a single value and will return the value.

arrayReduce(array, function(result, item [,index, array]){} [, initialValue]) → returns any

Member Function Syntax

someArray.reduce(function(result, item [,index, array]){} [, initialValue])

Argument Reference

array array

the input array

callback any

Closure or a function reference that will be called for each of the iteration.

Callback parameters:

  • result*any : The result of the reduce operation after the previous iteration
  • value*any : The value for the current iteration
  • index*numeric : The current index for the iteration
  • array*array : A reference of the original array

initialValue any

Initial value which will be used for the reduce operation.

Links more information about arrayReduce

Sample code invoking the arrayReduce function

Sum each a element in the array

complexData = [ {a: 4}, {a: 18}, {a: 51} ];sum = arrayReduce( complexData, function(prev, element){
	return prev + element.a;
}, 0 );

Expected Result: 73

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