Returns an array with all of the elements reversed. The value in [0] within the input array will then exist in [n] in the output array, where n is the amount of elements in the array minus one.

arrayReverse(array) → returns array

Member Function Syntax


This function requires Lucee.  Not supported on Adobe ColdFusion, etc.

Argument Reference

array array

The array to reverse

Sample code invoking the arrayReverse function

Creates a new array with reversed positions

myArray = [1,2,3];
myArrayReversed = arrayReverse(myArray);
writeOutput( serializeJSON( myArrayReversed ) );

Expected Result: [3,2,1]

myArray = [1,2,3]; 
writeOutput( serializeJSON( myArray.reverse() ) );

Expected Result: [3,2,1]

Reverse an Array using array slice syntax adding in ColdFusion 2018

myArray = [1,2,3]; 
writeOutput( serializeJSON( myArray[::-1] ) );

Expected Result: [3,2,1]

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