Used to find if a cached object exists in the cache region. The region can be the default cache region (either at server or application level) or the custom region you specify.

cacheIdExists(id [,_ region___]); → returns True, if the cached object exists in the specified cache region.

cacheIdExists Argument Reference


The ID of the cached object.


The cache region where you check for the cached object.

Examples sample code invoking the cacheIdExists function

Tag Syntax

Checks if the cache object is present in the user-defined cache region

<!--- Creating a new object ---> 
 <cfset obj1 = structNew()> 
 <cfset = 'xyz'> 
 <!--- Defining the time to live and time to Idle parameters ---> 
 <cfset timeToLive=createTimespan(0,0,0,30)> 
 <cfset timeToIdle=createTimespan(0,0,0,30)> 
 <cfoutput>Starting to write to cache..</cfoutput> 
 <cfset cachePut('obj1',obj1,timeToLive,timeToIdle,'customcache')> 
 <cfoutput>Trying to check if the cached item is present...</cfoutput> 

Tag Syntax

Checks if the cache object is present in the default cache region

<cfset obj2 = structNew()> 
 <cfset = 'xyz'> 
 <cfoutput>Starting to write to cache..</cfoutput> 
 <cfset cachePut('obj2',obj2)> 
 <cfoutput>Trying to fetch cached item...</cfoutput> 
 <cfset obj = cacheGet('obj2')> 

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