Similar to the function callStackGet except that it returns a string representation of the call stack.


callStackDump Argument Reference


Parameter that takes either console, browser, or file.

Examples sample code invoking the callStackDump function

Tag Syntax

In this example, the factorial of a number is computed. The example is similar to the example for CallStackGet except that the function used here is callStackDump.callfact.cfm

 <cfinclude template='fact.cfm'> 
 <cfcatch type='any'> 

Tag Syntax


<cffunction name='factorial' hint='returns the factorial of a number' output='true'> 
 <cfargument name='n' required='yes' type='numeric' hint='The number for which the factorial is returned'/> 
 <cfif n eq 1> 
 <Cfset callStackDump()> 
 <cfreturn 1> 
 <Cfset callStackDump()> 
 <cfreturn n * factorial(n - 1)> 
 <cfoutput> Factorial of 5 - #factorial(5)#</cfoutput> 

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