This tag references a registered custom Java applet. To
register a Java applet, in the CFML Administrator, click
Extensions/Java Applets.
Using this tag within a cfform tag is optional. If you use it
within cfform, and the method attribute is defined in the
Administrator, the return value is incorporated into the

  <cfapplet appletsource="" name="">

 cfapplet(appletsource="", name="");

The cfapplet tag is DEPRECATED as of ColdFusion 11

Attribute Reference

appletsource string

Name of registered applet

name string

Form variable name for applet

height numeric

Control's height, in pixels.

width numeric

Control's width, in pixels.

vspace numeric

Vertical margin above and below control, in pixels.

hspace numeric

Horizontal spacing to left and right of control, in pixels.

align string

  • top
  • left
  • bottom
  • baseline
  • texttop
  • absbottom
  • middle
  • absmiddle
  • right

notsupported string
Default: <b>Browser must support Java to <br>view ColdFusion Java Applets!</b>

Text to display if a page that contains a Java applet-based
cfform control is opened by a browser that does not
support Java or has Java support disabled.



DEPRECATED since version 11

Sample code using the cfapplet tag

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