Part of the new CF11 mobile development features. This tag is similar to cfprocessingdirective and acts as a compiler directive to include plugins for various features (device detection and device API). You can use this tag to load all the required device detection plugins.

  <cfclientsettings enableDeviceAPI = "true|false" detectDevice = "true|false" deviceTimeout = Number >

  cfclientsettings(enableDeviceAPI = "true|false", detectDevice = "true|false", deviceTimeout = Number);

This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion 11 and up.  Not supported on Lucee, etc.

Attribute Reference

enableDeviceAPI boolean
Default: false

Enable/disable the device API

detectDevice boolean
Default: false

Enable/disable the device detection plugin.

deviceTimeout numeric
Default: 10

The timeout for loading the plugins (in seconds).

Links more information about cfclientsettings

Sample code using the cfclientsettings tag

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