Defines table column header, width, alignment, and text. Used
within a cftable tag.

  <cfcol header="" text="">

 cfcol(header="", text="");

Discouraged: The use of tags that generate client side UI code is generally discouraged by the CFML community. See:

Attribute Reference

header string

Column header text. To use this attribute, you must also
use the cftable colHeaders attribute.

width numeric
Default: 20

Column width. If the length of data displayed exceeds this
value, data is truncated to fit. To avoid this, use an
HTML table tag.

align string
Default: left

Column alignment
  • left
  • center
  • right

text string

Double-quotation mark-delimited text; determines what to
display. Rules: same as for cfoutput sections. You can
embed hyperlinks, image references, and input controls

Links more information about cfcol

Sample code using the cfcol tag

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