Opens or closes a persistent connection to an Microsoft Exchange server.
You must have a persistent or temporary connection to use the cfexchangecalendar,
cfexchangecontact, cfexchangemail, and cfexchangetask tags to get or change
information on the Exchange server.

  <cfexchangeconnection action="open" connection="" server="" username="">

 cfexchangeconnection(action="open", connection="", server="", username="");

This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion 8 and up.  Not supported on Lucee, etc.

Attribute Reference

action string

The action to take. Must be open or close. (required)
  • open
  • close
  • getsubfolders

connection string

The name of the connection. You specify this ID when you close the connection
and in tags such as cfexchangemail. (required)

mailboxName string

The ID of the Exchange mailbox to use.
Specify this attribute to access a mailbox whose owner has delegated access
rights to the account specified in the username attribute. (optional)

password string

(open) The users password for accessing the Exchange server. (optional)

port numeric

The port on the server connect to, most commonly port 80. (optional)

protocol string

The protocol to use for the connection. Valid values are http and https. (optional)
  • http
  • https

proxyHost string

The URL or IP address of the proxy host required for access to the network. (optional)

proxyPort string

The port on the proxy server to connect to, most commonly port 80. (optional)

server string

The IP address or URL of the server that is providing access to Exchange. (required)

username string

The Exchange user ID (required)

folder string

The forward slash (/) delimited path from the root of the mailbox to the folder for which to get subfolders.

recurse boolean
Default: false

* true: get information on the immediate subfolders of the specified folder only.
* false: get information on all levels of subfolders of the specified folder.
  • false
  • true

name string

The name of the ColdFusion query variable that contains information about the subfolders.

exchangeServerLanguage string

The language of the Exchange server. Default is English.

formBasedAuthentication boolean

A Boolean value that specifies whether to display a login form and use form based authentication when making the connection.
  • true
  • false

Sample code using the cfexchangeconnection tag

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