You can use the cfimport tag to import either of the following:

* All CFML pages in a directory, as a tag custom tag
* A Java Server Page (JSP) tag library. A JSP tag library is a
packaged set of tag handlers that conform to the JSP 1.1 tag
extension API.


Attribute Reference

taglib string

Tag library URI. The path must be relative to the web root
(and start with /), the current page location, or a
directory specified in the Administrator CFML
mappings page.

A directory in which custom CFML tags are stored. In
this case, all the cfm pages in this directory are treated
as custom tags in a tag library.
A path to a JAR in a web-application; for example,
A path to a tag library descriptor; for example,
Note: You must put JSP custom tag libraries in the
/WEB-IN/lib directory. This limitation does not apply to
CFML pages.

prefix string

Prefix by which to access the imported custom CFML tags JSP

If you import a CFML custom tag directory and specify an
empty value, "", for this attribute, you can call the
custom tags without using a prefix. You must specify and
use a prefix for a JSP tag library.

path string

path of CFC to be imported

Sample code using the cfimport tag

Import custom tags and include one using the prefix:tagName syntax.

<cfimport taglib="/relative/path/customTags" prefix="tags"/>


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