Passes the name and value of an argument to a component method or a web service method. This tag is used inside of the cfinvoke tag.

 <cfinvokeargument name="" value="">

 cfinvokeargument(name="", value="");

cfinvokeargument Attribute Reference

name string

The argument name

value string

The argument value

omit boolean
Default: false

Enables you to omit a parameter when invoking a web service.
It is an error to specify omit="true" if the cfinvoke
webservice attribute is not specified.
- true: omit this parameter when invoking a web service.
- false: do not omit this parameter when invoking a web service.
  • true
  • false

Examples sample code using the cfinvokeargument tag

Invoke a SOAP webservice and passing arguments using cfinvokeargument

Calls a remote web service to perform an addition, uses cfinvokeargument to pass the arguments to the method.

<cfinvoke webservice="" method="add" returnvariable="answer">
    <cfinvokeargument name="x" value="2">
    <cfinvokeargument name="y" value="3">

Expected Result: 5.0

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