Stops execution of the current page and redirects to the specified URI.

  <cflocation url="page.cfm" addtoken="false" statusCode="301">

 location("mypage.cfm", "false", "301");

cflocation Attribute Reference

url string

URI or URL to redirect to.

addtoken boolean
Default: true

Appends the CFID, CFTOKEN, JSESSIONID and possibly other session/client identifiers to the URL. Security best practices recommend setting this to false.

statuscode numeric
Default: 302

The 30X HTTP status code. CF 8+



Lucee automatically URL encodes the url by default. See ticket LDEV-2164.

Examples sample code using the cflocation tag

location("mypage.cfm", "false", "301");

<cflocation url="mypage.cfm" addToken="false" statusCode="301">

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