This tag creates markers on the map.



This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion 9 and up.  Not supported on Lucee, etc.

Discouraged: The use of tags generating UI is generally discouraged by the CFML community. See:

Attribute Reference

longitude string

The longitude value for the marker, in degrees.

address string

The address of the location to set the map marker.

tip string

A short description of the marker location that appears as a tool tip.

latitude string

The latitude value for the marker, in degrees.

name string

The name of the map.

showMarkerWindow boolean
Default: true

When true, the marker infowindow is shown. By default, this is false. This is inherited by all cfmapitem tags.
  • true
  • false

markerWindowContent string

Static inner HTML markup to be displayed in the infowindow opened when the marker is clicked. This is mutually exclusive with the markerbind attribute

markerIcon string

Location of an image file to use as the marker icon. The attributes markericon and markercolor are mutually exclusive.

markerColor string

Indicates the color of the marker.

Sample code using the cfmapitem tag

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