Retrieves or deletes e-mail messages from a POP mail server.

  <cfpop server="">


Attribute Reference

server string

POP server identifier:
A host name; for example, ""
An IP address; for example, ""

port numeric

POP port

username string

Overrides username.

password string

Overrides password

action string

getHeaderOnly: returns message header information only
getAll: returns message header information, message text,
and attachments if attachmentPath is specified
delete: deletes messages on POP server
markRead: marks the message as read
  • getHeaderOnly
  • getAll
  • delete
  • markRead

name string

Name for query object that contains the retrieved message

messagenumber numeric

Message number or comma-delimited list of message numbers
to get or delete. Invalid message numbers are ignored.
Ignored if uid is specified.

uid string

UID or a comma-delimited list of UIDs to get or delete.
Invalid UIDs are ignored.

attachmentpath string

If action="getAll", specifies a directory in which to save
any attachments. If the directory does not exist,
CFML creates it.

If you omit this attribute, CFML does not save any
attachments. If you specify a relative path, the path root
is the CFML temporary directory, which is returned by
the GetTempDirectory function.

timeout numeric

Maximum time, in seconds, to wait for mail processing

maxrows numeric

Number of messages to return or delete, starting with the
number in startRow. Ignored if messageNumber or uid is

startrow numeric

First row number to get or delete. Ignored if messageNumber
or uid is specified.

generateUniqueFileNames boolean

Yes: Generate unique filenames for files attached to an
e-mail message, to avoid naming conflicts when files are
  • true
  • false

secure boolean
Default: false

CF 10+ Enables SSL for pop requests.

delimiter string

CF 11+ The value of the uid attribute can be a comma-separated
list of UIDs. If the delimiter attribute is specified, the value
of delimiter will be used as a delimiter instead of comma.

Sample code using the cfpop tag

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