Reads, writes, and deletes keys and values in the system registry.
Provides persistent storage of client variables.
This tag is deprecated for the UNIX platform.
Note: For this tag to execute, it must be enabled in the ColdFusion MX

  <cfregistry action="getAll">


Attribute Reference

action string

Action to perform
  • getAll
  • get
  • set
  • delete

branch string

Name of a registry branch.

entry string

Registry value to access.
Note: For key deletion this attribute is required.

variable string

Variable into which to put value.

type string
Default: String

  • String
  • dWord
  • key
  • Any

sort string

Sorts query column data (case-insensitive). Sorts on Entry, Type,
and Value columns as text. Specify a combination of columns from
query output, in a comma-delimited list.
For example: sort = "value desc, entry asc"
* asc: ascending (a to z) sort order.
* desc: descending (z to a) sort order.
  • entry asc
  • entry desc
  • type asc
  • type desc
  • value asc
  • value desc

directory string

Absolute pathname of directory against which to perform

name string

Name for output record set.

mode string

Applies only to UNIX and Linux. Permissions. Octal values
of Unix chmod command. Assigned to owner, group, and
other, respectively.

newdirectory string

New name for directory.

value string

Value data to set. If you omit this attribute, the cfregistry tag creates default value, as follows:
* string: creates an empty string: "".
* dWord: creates a value of 0 (zero).

recurse boolean
Default: false

Whether ColdFusion performs the action on subdirectories.

registryversion string

No Help Available

Sample code using the cfregistry tag

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