Used to do either of the following:
- Execute a report definition created with the ColdFusion
Report Builder, displaying it in PDF, FlashPaper, or Excel
format. You can optionally save this report to a file.
- Run a predefined Crystal Reports report. Applies only to
Windows systems. Uses the CFCRYSTAL.exe file to generate
reports. Sets parameters in the Crystal Reports engine
according to its attribute values.



This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion 2 and up.  Not supported on Lucee, etc.

Attribute Reference

template string

Specifies the path to the report definition file,
relative to the web root.

format string

Specifies the output format.
  • PDF
  • FlashPaper
  • Excel
  • RTF
  • HTML
  • XML

name string

The name of the ColdFusion variable that will hold
the report output. You cannot specify both name and

filename string

The filename to contain the report. You cannot
specify both name and filename.

query string

The name of the query that contains input data for
the report. If you omit this parameter, the report
definition obtains data from the internal SQL or from
cfreportparam items.

overwrite boolean
Default: false

Specifies whether to overwrite files that have the
same name as that specified in the filename attribute.
Default: false
  • true
  • false

encryption string
Default: none

Specifies whether the output is encrypted. PDF format only.
Default: none
  • 128-bit
  • 40-bit
  • none

ownerpassword string

Specifies an owner password. PDF format only.

userpassword string

Specifies a user password. PDF format only.

permissions string

Specifies one or more permissions. PDF format only.
Separate multiple permissions with a comma.
  • AllowPrinting, AllowCopy, AllowScreenReaders
  • AllowPrinting
  • AllowModifyContents
  • AllowCopy
  • AllowModifyAnnotations
  • AllowFillIn
  • AllowScreenReaders
  • AllowAssembly
  • AllowDegradedPrinting
  • AllowPrinting, AllowModifyContents, AllowCopy, AllowModifyAnnotations, AllowFillIn, AllowScreenReaders, AllowAssembly, AllowDegradedPrinting

datasource string

Name of registered or native data source.

type string
Default: standard

* standard (not valid for Crystal Reports 8.0)
* netscape
* microsoft
  • standard
  • netscape
  • microsoft

timeout numeric

Maximum time, in seconds, in which a connection must be
made to a Crystal Report.

report string

Report path. Store Crystal Reports files in the same
directories as CFML page files.

orderby string

Orders results according to your specifications.

username string

Username required for entry into database from which report
is created. Overrides default settings for data source in
CFML Administrator.

password string

Password that corresponds to username required for database
access. Overrides default settings for data source in
CFML Administrator.

formula string

One or more named formulas. Terminate each formula with a
semicolon. Use the format:

formula = "formulaname1='formula1';formulaname2='formula2';"

If you use a semicolon in a formula, you must escape it by
typing it twice (;;). For example:

formula = "Name1 = 'Val_1a;;Val_1b';Name2 = 'Val2';"

resourceTimespan variableName

Life span of the resource directory. Used only with format=HTML

style string

Style in CSS format that overrides a style defined in the Report Builder report at run time.

Sample code using the cfreport tag

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