Creates a Spry data set; can use bind parameters to get data from ColdFusion AJAX controls
to populate the data set.

  <cfsprydataset bind="" name="">

 cfsprydataset(bind="", name="");

The cfsprydataset tag is DEPRECATED as of ColdFusion 11

Attribute Reference

bind string

A bind expression that returns XML data to populate
the Spry data set. The bind expression can specify a
CFC function or URL and can include bind parameters
that represent the values of ColdFusion controls. For
detailed information on specifying bind expressions,
see HTML form data binding in cfinput.

name string

The name of the Spry data set.

onbinderror string

The name of a JavaScript function to execute if
evaluating the bind expression results in an error. The
function must take two attributes: an HTTP status
code and a message.
If you omit this attribute, and have specified a global
error handler (by using the
ColdFusion.setGlobalErrorHandler function), the
handler displays the error message; otherwise a
default error pop-up displays.

options string

A JavaScript object containing options to pass to the
data set.

type string

Specifies data set type, corresponding to the format of
the data that is returned by the bind expression.
  • xml
  • json

xpath string

Valid for XML type data sets only. An XPath
expression that extracts data from the XML returned
by the bind expression. The data set contains only the
data that matches the xpath expression.



DEPRECATED since version 11

Sample code using the cfsprydataset tag

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