Evaluates a passed expression and passes control to the cfcase tag that matches the expression result. You can, optionally, code a cfdefaultcase tag, which receives control if there is no matching cfcase tag value. Note the difference in the tag and script syntax when providing multiple values for a case.

  <cfswitch expression="">

cfswitch Attribute Reference

expression string

CFML expression that yields a scalar value. CFML converts integers, real numbers, Booleans, and dates to numeric values. For example, True, 1, and 1.0 are all equal.

Examples sample code using the cfswitch tag

fruit = "Orange";
switch(fruit) {
    case "Apple":
        writeOutput("I like apples!");
    case "Orange": case "Citrus":
         writeOutput("I like oranges!");
    case "Kiwi":
        writeOutput("I like kiwi!"); 
        writeOutput("Fruit, what fruit?"); 

Expected Result: I like oranges!

<cfset fruit = ""> 
<cfswitch expression="#fruit#"> 
    <cfcase value="Apple">I like apples!</cfcase>
    <cfcase value="Orange,Citrus">I like oranges!</cfcase> 
    <cfcase value="Kiwi">I like kiwi!</cfcase>
    <cfdefaultcase>Fruit, what fruit?</cfdefaultcase> 

Expected Result: Fruit, what fruit?

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