Includes the required JavaScript files in your CFM template and creates a global JavaScript reference to the WebSocket Object on the client-side.

 <cfwebsocket name="" onMessage="">

 cfwebsocket(name="", onMessage="");

This tag requires Adobe ColdFusion 10 and up. Not supported on Lucee, OpenBD, etc.

cfwebsocket Attribute Reference



The JavaScript function that is called when the WebSocket receives a message from the server.


The JavaScript function that is called when the WebSocket establishes a connection.


The JavaScript function that is called when the WebSocket closes a connection.


The JavaScript function that is called if there is an error while performing an action over the WebSocket connection.

Default: false

If set to true (default), users need not authenticate for WebSocket connection (provided they have already logged in to the application). This is the default value. If false, users have to specify the credentials for the WebSocket connection.


Comma-separated list of channels to subscribe to. You can specify any or all channels set in your Application this.wschannels settings


If true, the web socket communication will happen over SSL. CF 11+



Version 10+ SSL is only available on CF 11+

Links more information about cfwebsocket

Examples sample code using the cfwebsocket tag

Script Syntax (CF11+)

cfwebsocket(name="ws", onMessage="handleMessage");

Tag Syntax

This example creates a JavaScript WebSocket object named ws. When a message is pushed, the client runs the handleMessage JavaScript function. This example also uses the subscribeTo attribute so it will automatically subscribe to the channel chat.

<cfwebsocket name="ws" onMessage="handleMessage" subscribeTo="chat" />
  function handleMessage(message)  {
    // Output message object to console


Sub-channels are created dynamically and are referenced by dot notation. When a message is broadcasted to a channel all its sub-channels receive the message as well. This only goes from top to bottom and not the other way around. In this example we create a JavaScript object called ws and subscribe to the room-general subchannel of the main chat channel.

<cfwebsocket name="ws" onMessage="handleMessage" subscribeTo="" />

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