This function returns a query object containing a list of installed extensions. It takes no arguments.

extensionList() → returns query

This function requires Lucee 5.3 and up.  Not supported on Adobe ColdFusion, etc.



Version 5.3+ This function was added as part of the Admin Interface improvement.

Sample code invoking the extensionList function

This example shows a very basic usage of the function to get a list of available extensions.


This example was created by Michael Born to check the version of an installed extension.

var extension = extensionList().filter( ( extension ) => extension.name == "Hibernate ORM Engine" );
if ( !extension.recordCount ){
throw( "Hibernate extension is not installed; please install it now." );
} else {
var installedExtensionVersion = extension.version;
writeOutput( "You have the Hibernate extension version " & installedExtensionVersion & " installed." );

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