Determines whether ColdFusion has reached the end of the file while reading it.

fileIsEOF(file) → returns boolean

Argument Reference

file any

The file object.

Sample code invoking the fileIsEOF function

Call fileIsEOF on a file object and save the result to a variable.

fileObj = fileOpen(expandPath('./file.txt');
isEndOfFile = fileIsEOF(fileObj);

Simplified example of using fileIsEOF to determine when all lines have been read from a file. Error handling omitted for clarity.

// Error handling omitted for clarity.

// open a file for reading
fileObj = fileOpen(expandPath('./file.txt'), "read");

// read each line until we read the end of the file.
// fileIsEOF(fileObj) == false until we've read in the last line.
while (!fileIsEOF(fileObj)) {

	lineContent = fileReadLine(fileObj);

	// do something with content of each line

// end of file reached, close the file handle

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