Used within a custom tag. Finds calling (ancestor) tag by name and accesses its data.

getBaseTagData(tagname [, level]) → returns any

Argument Reference

tagname string

Specify the parent tag name, starting with CF_.

level numeric
Default: 1

Specify the nth-level ancestor to retrieve variables from.

Links more information about getBaseTagData

Sample code invoking the getBaseTagData function

Use getBaseTagData() to retrieve the execution mode of the parent CF_MAPPER custom tag.

<cfset tagData = getBaseTagData('CF_MAPPER')>
<!--- Find the tag's execution mode Located inside the --->
<cfif tagData.thisTag.executionMode neq 'inactive'>

Use getBaseTagData() to retrieve the attributes of the parent cf_iframe tag

variables.parentAttributes = getBaseTagData('cf_iframe').attributes;

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