Gets local time zone information for the computer on which it
is called, relative to Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). UTC is
the mean solar time of the meridian of Greenwich, England.

getTimezoneInfo(text) → returns Object

getTimezoneInfo Argument Reference


Examples sample code invoking the getTimezoneInfo function

Tag Syntax

<h3>GetTimeZoneInfo Example</h3>
<!--- This example shows the use of GetTimeZoneInfo --->
The local date and time are #now()#. 
<cfset info = GetTimeZoneInfo()> 
<p>Total offset in seconds is #info.utcTotalOffset#.</p> 
<p>Offset in hours is #info.utcHourOffset#.</p> 
<p>Offset in minutes minus the offset in hours is #info.utcMinuteOffset#.</p> 
 <p>Is Daylight Savings Time in effect? #info.isDSTOn#.</p> 

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