Draws a sequence of connected lines defined by arrays of x and y coordinates.

imageDrawLines(name, xcords, ycords [, isPolygon] [, filled]) → returns void

Member Function Syntax

someImage.drawLines(xcords, ycords [, isPolygon] [, filled])

imageDrawLines Argument Reference


NThe image on which this operation is performed.


A array of x coordinates.


A array of y coordinates.

Default: false

Specify whether the lines form a polygon

Default: false

Specify whether the polygon is filled

Examples sample code invoking the imageDrawLines function

Tag Syntax

This example shows how to draw a zigzag line.

<!--- Use the imageNew function to create a 250x250-pixel image. ---> 
 <cfset myImage=imageNew("",250,250)> 
 <!--- Set the drawing color to cyan. --->  
 <cfset imageSetDrawingColor(myImage,"cyan")> 
 <!--- Turn on antialiasing to improve image quality. ---> 
 <cfset imageSetAntialiasing(myImage,"on")> 
 <!--- Create arrays for the x and y coordinates. ---> 
 <cfset x = arrayNew(1)> 
 <cfset y = arrayNew(1)> 
 <!--- Set the values for the x and y coordinates for three connected line segments: the first segment begins at (100,50) and ends at (50,100). The second segment begins at (50, 100) and ends at (200,100). The third segment begins at (200,100) and ends at (100,200). ---> 
     <cfset x[1] = "100"> 
     <cfset x[2] = "50"> 
     <cfset x[3] = "200"> 
     <cfset x[4] = "100"> 
     <cfset y[1] = "50"> 
     <cfset y[2] = "100"> 
     <cfset y[3] = "100"> 
     <cfset y[4] = "200"> 
 <!--- Draw the lines on the image. ---> 
 <cfset imageDrawLines(myImage,x,y)> 
 <!--- Display the image in a browser. ---> 
 <cfimage source=#myImage# action="writeToBrowser"> 

Using drawlines member function

CF 11+ Lucee 4.5+ Create a new image and with this image draw a 'W'

imgObj = imageNew("",152,152,"rgb","149c82");
cfimage(action="writeToBrowser", source=imgObj);

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