Sets the current drawing color for ColdFusion images. All subsequent graphics operations use the specified color.

imageSetDrawingColor(name, color) → returns void

Member Function Syntax


imageSetDrawingColor Argument Reference

name string

The ColdFusion image on which this operation is performed.

Default: black

  • Hexadecimal value of RGB color. For example, specify the color white as ##FFFFFF or FFFFFF.
  • String value of color (for example, 'black'', 'red'', 'green').
  • List of three numbers for (R,G,B) values. Each value must be in the range 0–255.

Examples sample code invoking the imageSetDrawingColor function

Tag Syntax

This example shows how to set the drawing color and draw several objects in that color.

<!--- Use the imageNew function to create a ColdFusion image. ---> 
 <cfset myImage=imageNew("",200,300)> 
 <!--- Turn on antialiasing to improve image quality. ---> 
 <cfset imageSetAntialiasing(myImage)> 
 <!--- Set the drawing color to pink. ---> 
 <cfset imageSetDrawingColor(myImage,"pink")> 
 <!--- Draw a pink line. ---> 
 <cfset imageDrawLine(myImage,1,1,200,300)> 
 <!--- Draw a pink oval. ---> 
 <cfset imageDrawOval(myImage,40,50,80,40)> 
 <!--- Draw another pink oval. ---> 
 <cfset imageDrawOval(myImage,15,180,80,40)> 
 <!--- Draw a pink rectangle. ---> 
 <cfset imageDrawRect(myImage,100,100,45,65)> 
 <!--- Display the image in a browser. ---> 
 <cfimage source="#myImage#" action="writeToBrowse"> 

Using setDrawingColor member function

CF 11+ Create a new image and with this image draw a 'W' in blue (#116185)

imgObj = imageNew("",152,152,"rgb","149c82");
cfimage(action="writeToBrowser", source=imgObj);

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