Writes a ColdFusion image to the specified filename or destination.

imageWrite(name [, destination] [, quality] [, overwrite]) → returns void

Member Function Syntax

someImage.write([destination] [, quality] [, overwrite])

Argument Reference

name string

The image on which this operation is performed.

destination string

The path to write the file.

If you create the image with the ImageNew function or another operation where you do not specify the filename, specify the destination parameter. The file format is derived from the extension of the filename. The default value for this parameter is the filename of the original image source.

quality string

Defines the JPEG quality used to encode the image. This parameter applies only to destination files with an extension of JPG or JPEG. Valid values are fractions that range from 0 through 1 (the lower the number, the lower the quality). The default value is 0.75.

overwrite boolean
Default: true

If set to true, overwrites the destination file
  • false
  • true

Sample code invoking the imageWrite function

CF 11+ save an image with a new name

imgObj = imageRead("");

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