Evaluates a string value to determine whether the variable named in it exists.

isDefined(variable_name) → returns boolean

Argument Reference

variable_name string

A string expression containing the name of a variable to check the existence of. Only simple dotted notation is supported (for example myVar, arguments.myArg, myStruct.key). Square bracket notation to reference array elements or struct keys is not supported.

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Sample code invoking the isDefined function

Checking for the existence of a form variable.

<cfif isDefined("form.submit")>...</cfif>

Beware of scope evaluation order when checking for an unscoped variable name. = "" ; = ""; writeoutput("Is 'foo' defined? " & isDefined("foo")); writeoutput(isDefined("foo") ? " (" & foo & ")" : "");

Expected Result: Is 'foo' defined? YES (

Potentially unexpected behavior when checking for a dot-notation variable containing a scope name.

local["form.submit"] = "local['form.submit']" ; form.submit = "form.submit"; writeoutput("Is 'form.submit' defined?" & isDefined("form.submit")); writeoutput(isDefined("form.submit") ? " (" & form.submit & ")" : ""); writeoutput("<br>"); writeoutput("Is 'submit' defined? " & isDefined("submit")); writeoutput(isDefined("submit") ? " (" & submit & ")" : "");

Expected Result: Is 'form.submit' defined? YES (local['form.submit']) Is 'submit' defined? YES(form.submit)

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