Deletes an element from a list.
Returns a copy of the list, without the specified element.

listDeleteAt(list, position [, delimiters]) → returns String

listDeleteAt Argument Reference

list String

position Numeric

delimiters String
Default: ,

  • ,
  • |
  • ;
  • chr(9)
  • chr(10)
  • chr(13)

Examples sample code invoking the listDeleteAt function

Simple Example

Deletes 2nd item from the list

listDeleteAt("foo,bar,lorem,ipsum", 2)

Expected Result: foo,lorem,ipsum

Example with Custom Delimiter

Deletes 2nd item from the list using a custom delimiter

listDeleteAt("foo,bar|lorem,ipsum|me|something", 2, "|")

Expected Result: foo,bar|me|something

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