Formats a number in a locale-specific currency format. For
countries that use the euro, the result depends on the JVM.
[type - quicky]
local: the currency format and currency symbol used locally.
- With JDK 1.3, the default for Euro Zone: local currency.
- With JDK 1.4, the default for Euro Zone: euro.
international: the international standard currency format
none: the local currency format; no currency symbol

LSCurrencyFormat(number [, type]) → returns String

LSCurrencyFormat Argument Reference



  • local
  • international
  • none

Examples sample code invoking the LSCurrencyFormat function

Tag Example

LSCurrencyFormat returns a currency value using the locale convention. Default value is local.

<!--- loop through list of locales; show currency values for 100,000 units ---> 
 <cfloop LIST = "#Server.Coldfusion.SupportedLocales#" 
 index = "locale" delimiters = ","> 
 <cfset oldlocale = setLocale(locale)> 
 Local: #LSCurrencyFormat(100000, "local")# 
 International: #LSCurrencyFormat(100000, "international")# 
 None: #LSCurrencyFormat(100000, "none")# 
 <hr noshade> 

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