Formats a number in a locale-specific format.
[mask - quicky]
_,9 Digit placeholder; . decimal point; 0 Pads with zeros;
( ) less than zero, puts parentheses around the mask
+ plus sign before positive number minus before negative
- a space before positive minus sign before negative
, Separates every third decimal place with a comma.
L,C Left-justifies or center-justifies number
$ dollar sign before formatted number.
^ Separates left and right formatting.

lsNumberFormat(number [, mask, locale]) → returns string

Argument Reference

number numeric

mask string
Default: _

locale string

Geographic/language locale value, where the format is a combination of an ISO 639-1 code and an optional ISO 3166-1 code separated by a dash or an underscore.
  • en
  • de_DE
  • de_CH
  • ...

Sample code invoking the lsNumberFormat function

lsNumberFormat returns a number value using the locale convention.

<!--- loop through a list of locales and show number values --->
<cfloop LIST = "#Server.Coldfusion.SupportedLocales#"
index = "locale" delimiters = ",">
<cfset oldlocale = setLocale(locale)>
<cfoutput><p><b><i>#locale#</i></b><br />
#lsNumberFormat(-1234.5678, "_________")#<br />
#lsNumberFormat(-1234.5678, "_________.___")#<br />
#lsNumberFormat(1234.5678, "_________")#<br />
#lsNumberFormat(1234.5678, "_________.___")#<br />
#lsNumberFormat(1234.5678, "$_(_________.___)")#<br />
#lsNumberFormat(-1234.5678, "$_(_________.___)")#<br />
#lsNumberFormat(1234.5678, "+_________.___")#<br />
#lsNumberFormat(1234.5678, "-_________.___")#<br />

lsNumberFormat returns a number value using the specified locale.

writeDump(lsNumberFormat(5, '.99', 'en_US'));

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