Parses a date/time string according to the English (U.S.)
locale conventions. (To format a date/time string for other
locales, use the LSParseDateTime function.)

parseDateTime(dt_string [, pop_conversion]) → returns date

parseDateTime Argument Reference

dt_string string

pop_conversion string
Default: standard

- standard: (the default) function does no conversion.
- pop: specifies that the date/time string is in POP format,
which includes the local time of the sender and a time-zone
offset from UTC. ColdFusion applies the offset and returns
a value with the UTC time.
  • standard
  • pop

Examples sample code invoking the parseDateTime function

Tag Example

<cfset dateTimeVar = #dateTimeFormat(now(), "yyyy.MM.dd HH:nn:ss ")# /> 

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