This function calls a given closure/function with every element in a given query and returns true, if one of the closure calls returns true

querySome(query, function(row [, currentRow] [, query] ){} [, parallel] [, maxThreads]) → returns boolean

Member Function Syntax

query.some(function(row [, currentRow] [, query] ){} [, parallel] [, maxThreads])

This function requires Lucee.  Not supported on Adobe ColdFusion, etc.

querySome Argument Reference

query query

query to filter entries from

callback boolean

Closure or a function reference that will be called for each of the iteration.

Callback parameters:

  • row*struct : A struct with all of the columns for the current iteration
  • currentRow*numeric : The value for the current iteration
  • query*query : A reference of the original struct

parallel boolean
Default: false

Lucee 4.5+ true if the items can be executed in parallel
  • true
  • false

maxThreads numeric
Default: 20

Lucee 4.5+ the maximum number of threads to use when parallel = true

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