Replaces occurrences of the elements from a delimited list
in a string with corresponding elements from another delimited
list. The search is case-sensitive.

replaceList(String, list1, list2 [, includeEmptyFields]) replaceList(String, list1, list2, delimiter [, includeEmptyFields]) replaceList(String, list1, list2, delimiterList1, delimiterList2 [, includeEmptyFields]) → returns string

Argument Reference

String string

A string, or a variable that contains one, within which to replace substring

list1 string

List of substrings for which to search

list2 string

List of replacement substrings

delimiter string
Default: ,

Common delimiter for both search and replacement.

delimiterList1 string
Default: ,

Delimiter for search.

delimiterList2 string
Default: ,

Delimiter for replacement.

includeEmptyFields boolean
Default: false

When true, zero-length list elements are preserved.

Sample code invoking the replaceList function

<cfoutput>#replaceList("My Test String", "Test, String", "Replaced, Sentence")#</cfoutput>

Expected Result: My Replaced Sentence

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