Server Scope

The server scope can hold variables that exist, and are accessible to all applications on the server.

Built-in Server Scope Variables


A struct containing several keys such as productversion productname rootdir updatelevel

This is populated on both ACF and Lucee, productname is Lucee or ColdFusion.


A struct containing info about the operating system:


Lucee 5+ CF 2018+ A struct containing environment variables.


Lucee 5+ CF 2018+ A struct containing Java system properties.


Lucee 4.5+ Info specific to Lucee, e.g. server.lucee.version - useful for checking if you are running on Lucee:

if ( server.keyExists("lucee") ) {
    //you are on Lucee


Lucee 4.5+ a struct with keys file line and path for OS specific/preferred separators.

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