Adds an image to an Excel spreadsheet object.

spreadsheetAddimage(spreadsheetObj, imagefilepath, anchor) → returns void

Argument Reference

spreadsheetObj variableName

No Help Available

imagefilepath string

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anchor string

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Sample code invoking the spreadsheetAddimage function

The following example creates a PNG format chart, puts it in a new spreadsheet as rows 5-12 and column 5-10, and saves the sheet to disk.

<cfchart format="png" name="image_var"> 
     <cfchartseries type="line"> 
         <cfchartdata item="Point1" value="-50"> 
         <cfchartdata item="Point2" value="-25"> 
         <cfchartdata item="Point3" value="1"> 
 <cfset sObj = SpreadsheetNew()> 
 <cfset SpreadsheetAddRow(sObj, "")> 
 <cfset SpreadsheetAddImage(sObj,image_var,"png","1,1,7,6")> 
 <cfheader name="Content-Disposition" value="inline; filename=testFile.xls"> 
 <cfcontent type="application/vnd.msexcel" variable="#SpreadSheetReadBinary(sObj)#"> 

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